Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dis Nie!

                                                        DIS NIE!

This enthusiastic cast of characters made the fantastical edition of SAX Appeal 2011 possible - and, well, threw in a bit of the good stuff, too. Soon enough, we were picking out the sluttiest Disney princess costumes we could find, smearing our lips with rouge, watering the roses with Vodka and yelling the Our Father prayer at a gathering of complacent miniature garden gnomes, all in the precious name of SAX.

A fiercely feminist Snow White is done with miniature men and domestic slavery.

A hoebag of a Cinderella gets her kicks on the kitchen floor.

our very own Che

slut fight.

'Everything the light touches is your kingdom.'

Charming, bookish Belle slaughtered her Beast and now wears him as a bolero.

Our Editor in the Looking Glass.

Jasmine spent her days on the Humanities lawn and puffed the magic carpet.
Sleeping Beauty

yes, I was the Queen of Hearts, and I had their heads clean off!


the fresh fruits of our loins

Photographs: Michael Currin and Gemma Cowan.

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