Thursday, December 30, 2010

what do you COVET?


Covet is my new branch-off blog curated by me as a showcase of my personal couture favourites and trend inspirations.

Be sure to VISIT.


What Choo looking at?

                                   Pretty Shoe of the Day

These Jimmy Choo wedges are on the top of my list for Pretty Shoe today. Well-supported, Italian and 4½ inches, these slick patent leather Espadrilles will give any outfit a run for its money - or perhaps even an offer.

the Blogger's Essentials

The Blogger's Essentials
Having a blog is as commonplace nowadays as having a smartphone, or lipgloss, or a pair of gladiators. Actually, having a blog has become such a must-have for aspiring (as well as wannabe) fashion editors, satorialists, thrift scavengers, photographers and boutique owners that every jane, stacey and lou seem to have one.
if you haven't caught on already, here's a list of essentials to get you started.

  • a decent camera, digital or polaroid.
  • an eye for a bargain
  • a laptop
  • high-speed internet connection
  • a local and favourite cafe where you can slurp coffee loudly and make satirical blog posts about what passersby are wearing.
  • a Vida e caffe loyalty card
  • a love of couture
  • patience and perseverance


The twentieth century provided important usherances for women's fashion. Two World Wars and two waves of Feminism later, women's garments underwent drastic alteration - even by tailoring standards. Hemlines were raised for the War Effort, and calves and waists were exposed to reveal more of the body beneath.

Majken Da Gama - DAF Fashion Show 2010

The theme of this piece is 'Women's Liberation.' All students were given the same fabric and could manipulate the colour using only natural dyes. Majken took her inspiration from women's wear in the 16th, 18th and 21st centuries, combining pre-industrial styles and corsetry with contemporary flair.

Treasure Hunt at Beleza

every once in while Beleza hosts a treasure hunt for the vintage vultures among us. If you're lucky you may pick up a couture label or two, or some interesting jewellery pieces that once belonged in an old lady's trinket box.

with original clothing clothing by MONOKO and Mr. November
28 Januray 2011
Beleza Restaurant, Kloof Nek Road
complimentary cocktails and snacks

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

window dressing

As far as High Street fashion goes, TopShop is prime window space. I found these numbers on Top's current Sale.




Twist at Woolworths

 Twist is a New York-based label exclusive to Woolworths. I had a look at their new arrivals. Loving the eclectic prints, '70s flair and fresh, interesting cuts. Currently waiting in the wings for the January Sale.


                       Pretty Shoe of the Month

...goes to these DKNY Aura Wedge Ankle Booties, with rich suede upper and cushioned leather sole, in black or plum.

I know I've been raving about these, but man, do I have to find a pair for me. Pronto.


These ravishing Giuseppe Zanotti's touched a nerve.

Desire pains us, deep to our knees and into the groin.


'how I want you, far too much'

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

breathless before the FALL

Fall/Winter 2010 Looks

Figure 1. these shoes seem to be cropping up everywhere. Paired here with two-toned socks and oversized knit over the ever-present nylon tights.

2. I chose this Look because of the bag - I have one similar which I found at a thrift sale in France. Red, leather, with buckles.

3. (the shoes again)

4. Seems the snow has proved an inspiration for lookbookers all over the world.

5. Chunky is gospel. Chunky necklace, chunky ring, chunky scarf, chunky boot.

                                                       6. 'Scenes from the Big Time, 1970.'

7. 'Oh Jolly'


for the discerning shopper too fancy to scramble, scrounge and sift through rails in department stores, wait in queues or fight over clearance items in early January, Net-a-Porter is the internets favourite e-boutique. They also have some fabulous holiday offers, including the current post-Christmas Sale.


Gwyneth Paltrow, sleek and poised at the Hollywood premiere of Country Strong, daringly bares all in an Emilio Pucci white lace-up gown. Though the dress shamelessly reveals that underwear in this case is a non-essential, Gwyn laughs it off with grace.

A few weeks back I predicted the coming of the LWD. Little White Dress seems to have made an entrance at awards ceremonies and premieres all over the Northern Hemisphere, a little like brand new snowfall onto an icy high street. Perhaps the wintry chill of Europe's polar landscape has been an inspiration after all?


It's like I'm pointing a 9mm semi-automatic at my own reflection, and she's pointing one back at me. Her lips move, gentle and with malice: 'One twitch, and I'll shoot.'

Sunday, December 26, 2010

in Summer

I dream of Ivy League Schools,
rollerskates in the summer.
Couture Shows in the Fall.

I have dreams of whirly skies,
jukeboxes stood like skyscrapers Tall.
and clouds and gingerbeer and boredom.
young and stupid in the summer.

i'd never have known if you hadn't have said,
'you're beautiful, and careless, but I've always cared.'

I've been up to my elbows in summer.
Lazy, spent of devotion,
bent out of wisdom
in summer.

West ryder silver Bullet

Days drift into one

It's so pretty

Travelling Wilbury's, Polly's photofits

And this stolen car

Is loaded with junk

It's so dirty

He'll be the death of me

But that's ok
Oh, how I want you.
Far too much.

Penny Siopis. Melancholia. 1986

rebound feast

All that's left of our Christmas lunch are the leftovers in the refrigerator. Pickings of roast beef, spooned out plum jelly, half a bowl of pesto potato salad, a jar of pickles and a few bottles of unopened sparkling wine.

All that's left of Christmas are remnants of childish enthusiasm, wrappings torn off presents and a feeling of gluttony, as if one has eaten oneself into a stupor, but it all tasted too good to pass up.

And me?

I am becoming listless with holiday boredom. what happend to the glowing fire in the hearth? i am standing here, covered in ash.

Oh, how I want.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Muizenberg is a hidden gem of the South Peninsula. It may be run down in some parts, lacking in infrastructure in most and needing a coat of paint here and there, but, aside from being the best place to learn to surf in the whole of greater Cape Town, it is home to some interesting local hideaways, and, of course, cussing locals.

The vibrantly coloured bathing huts (in a liberal and multi-racial sense) are landmarks of Muizenberg beach. Take a visit to the Old Station and the village on Palmer Road, get a taste of theatrics at The Muze or Masque theatres or stop for a pastry at Knead. I'm no tour guide, but this place is a potential gold mine. All it needs is a bit of spruce and love.

Okay. I am done with the (boringly) suggestive travel blogging. 

Now, to wait on Christmas.

you Had me found

no one told me I was going to find you,
your entrance was unexpected.
you had me found.
but I'm sure glad to be standing here,
at the beginning with you.

the birth of Venus

the lunar phenomenon that night had a most curious affect,
we chomped our bits, as if by a spell
while the floodgates of evening threw us aground.
the grand molten orb laughed at our demise
and made our stomachs swell.

not unless bearing child,
had we ever been so cumbersome.
moon's motherly grace forgave us,
adopted our bastards to the wilde.
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