Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Gwyneth Paltrow, sleek and poised at the Hollywood premiere of Country Strong, daringly bares all in an Emilio Pucci white lace-up gown. Though the dress shamelessly reveals that underwear in this case is a non-essential, Gwyn laughs it off with grace.

A few weeks back I predicted the coming of the LWD. Little White Dress seems to have made an entrance at awards ceremonies and premieres all over the Northern Hemisphere, a little like brand new snowfall onto an icy high street. Perhaps the wintry chill of Europe's polar landscape has been an inspiration after all?

1 comment:

MARIEKE said...

She's such a beautiful woman, isn't she ?
I read in ELLE an article about this dress. I saw better stuffs in Pucci's collection.

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