Tuesday, December 28, 2010

breathless before the FALL

Fall/Winter 2010 Looks

Figure 1. these shoes seem to be cropping up everywhere. Paired here with two-toned socks and oversized knit over the ever-present nylon tights.

2. I chose this Look because of the bag - I have one similar which I found at a thrift sale in France. Red, leather, with buckles.

3. (the shoes again)

4. Seems the snow has proved an inspiration for lookbookers all over the world.

5. Chunky is gospel. Chunky necklace, chunky ring, chunky scarf, chunky boot.

                                                       6. 'Scenes from the Big Time, 1970.'

7. 'Oh Jolly'

1 comment:

MARIEKE said...

The shoes in the first pictures are awesome: they seem to be comfortable and are beautiful.

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