Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fashion showcase from Season Four.

I've noticed the outfits have become more and more lustful over the last few seasons. Season One's fashion was definitely more conservative and less flamboyant. Producers seem to have caught on that that the show is now an amplified voice in global style among a kaleidescope of blogging and fashion circles everywhere.

Right: Blair, as always, looks ravishing. Not sure I'm really so sold on Serena's pink harem pants though.
Left: I'm pretty keen on Serena's leather peep toes and the way they've been paired with her print dress. Blair, you have lovely skin tone.

Blair's. Dress.  Enough said. Busy adoring lavish print, cut and style. Cute hats in this one, too.

I've been working on sewing a mini skirt like Blair's in this picture. The fabric is of a similar style and length, finished with a black elastic waistband.

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