Friday, December 17, 2010

reasons to party

  • to wear a brand new dress you bought on sale that day.
  • to hear some good music.
  • to dance
  • to dance on a pole.
  • to smile and chortle and engage in meaningless chitchat while pretending that you can even hear what the next person is saying.
  • to chat up birds
  • to collect those nifty black straws and use them to build a mini eiffel tower.
  • to become polygamous
  • to stand around holding pink drinks waiting for the music to change/a more lucrative topic of conversation to materialize/some bar fight to break out so you can whip out your videophone.
  • to prove something other than your age
  • to make your exboyfriend (whom you know will be there) jealous of the new beau who just escorted you in.
  • to get on the much-coveted guestlist
  • to get so motherlessly drunk you'll wish you had your mum there.
  • to kiss a girl

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