Friday, December 24, 2010


Muizenberg is a hidden gem of the South Peninsula. It may be run down in some parts, lacking in infrastructure in most and needing a coat of paint here and there, but, aside from being the best place to learn to surf in the whole of greater Cape Town, it is home to some interesting local hideaways, and, of course, cussing locals.

The vibrantly coloured bathing huts (in a liberal and multi-racial sense) are landmarks of Muizenberg beach. Take a visit to the Old Station and the village on Palmer Road, get a taste of theatrics at The Muze or Masque theatres or stop for a pastry at Knead. I'm no tour guide, but this place is a potential gold mine. All it needs is a bit of spruce and love.

Okay. I am done with the (boringly) suggestive travel blogging. 

Now, to wait on Christmas.

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