Sunday, August 14, 2011

Geometry Lesson

A local conspiracy theory has found its way into Cape Town's after-dark warehouse of live music, Discotheque Fridays and cool-searching youth.

According to the claims of Facebook group Open Your Minds SA, the owners of popular nightclub The Assembly are members of the Illuminati, a secret society thought to be seated in the wings of powerful corporations and governments.

Using the club as a business front for otherwise conspiratory dealings, the rascals continue to sell two-for-one Zamaleks to bespectacled electroheads and imprint sublimial codes into their promotional posters as they hungrily pursue New World Order. 

Looks like an opportunity for another Dan Brownesque bestseller is on the way.

>Click to expand: Illuminati symbols of the pyramid and all-seeing eye often appear in the Assembly's stage set-up and promotional posters. And here I was thinking it was just the generic 'hipster triangle'...

Further reading: has a stab at it

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