Wednesday, November 10, 2010

six-foot-unda: Basement Rado IV

Ready. Steady. Go. It’s nearly time for a fourth dose of Basement Radio.

Fletcher, Toby2shoes, Kimon and Tom + Rob of the Birdlife duo are set to be knuckling the vinyl for a beatmatching inferno of World’s freshest assemblages, for your toe-tapping pleasure. Radio is Cape Town’s favourite no-nonsense basement party. The feel-good hustle-bustle of its Afro-fusion roots is sure to cure any ailment, from yellow fever to heart palpitations. Plunge yourself six-foot-unda into the moody synapses of an Afrobeat renaissance, populated by the storytelling boasts of the best afro-funk / reggae / gypsy / dub music in town. Forget your inhibitions and dancefloor fatigue. Best dust off your pretensions on the doormat and enter the rhythm-driven highlife.

Basement Radio has migrated to a bigga and betta space thanks to the popularity of its previous three instalments. Evidently the word has been released upon a parched urban landscape, spreading like wildfire and prompting a musical Diaspora to flock to Basement’s lush pastures. Abandon the excess of the machine and Babylon to answer the calls of the Jungle. Politriks will surrender to free moral verse while the walking reverbs of Jamaica animate the underground. Strings will be tweaked with all resolve, while the carnivorous growl of the tenor sax and bluesy brass reverberate from the depths and beyond. This subterranean delight promises a hyperbole and a half, swinging from Junglist baseline progressions of the speaking conga drum to the nasal harmonics of Gypsy strings and bows. Come as you are, in all your rudeness and vivacity, armed to your teeth and bones with the sublime. Come as a poet, a francophone, a rude boy, panflutist or politician. Get ready and steady for a volcano in your head, an explosive lashing of voodoo funk that’ll cause brain damage and perhaps even a hint of nostalgia.

Why miss it when you could come?

R30 before 11PM

fb event

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