Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting too Old for this

hipster drag

this photo proves that anyone can adopt the body and attitude of a hipster, if he or she tries hard enough. after all, trying too hard is what the hipster does best.
all you need to do is get a pair of non-prescription spectacles (bet your eyes aren't even bad enough for prescription lenses, you angsty bastards), cut your fringe or bangs in a most unflattering style, make a whole load of vain, douchey friends and get on the mailing list for untamed youth sessions at fiction. maybe get photo-whored by these scavenging 'social' photographers who seem to be infesting the scene like fruit flies to marmalade, 'making art' out of anti-art itself.

oh, and don't smile in photos. i did. but then again, i tried too hard.

1 comment:

Lizelisabeth said...

just follow you sweetheart! I love your geeky couple pic! ;) great blog! and tanks for following me ;)


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