Thursday, January 27, 2011

the Upstream swim

In your wildest years long before
Your Fall.
You had a friend who knew you well.
She, your chosen confidante,
One to whom You would seek leave to disclose
And without a will to disenchant,
Hope to God she'd like your prose.

Schooled by life's chances,
Together you took them well.
Upon her bestowed you clearance
Of all there was to tell.
Perhaps when first love failed,
Perhaps when sights were blurred,
And wth a single handful of Providence,
Twas your friend who truly heard.

My dear friend and I,
Made a blithe and lively team,
Our larks were filled with tricks and smirks,
Good we were,
best was just a dream.

And I, like salmon in the waters,
Slippery and cold as death,
Writhe the brawny Muscles in my fish-tail,
And take to Swimming briskly upstream.

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