Friday, January 21, 2011

Why don't you Do it Right?

I need to achieve something everyday. Even if it's nothing momentous, like moonlighting, or squeezing your own orange juice, or planning a wedding. Even if it's simply mowing my own lawn, or breaking a sweat, or passing a test. Something. Anything.

That said, here are a few resolutions for 2 0 1 1.
  • learn how to sew - properly.
  • take piano and practise - properly
  • read more novels - classic and contemporary- and brush up on my spelling and grammar (which seems to have depreciated in value since I've been on vacation)
  • go on at least one road trip and find a town that harvests good cherries/ makes amazing preserves
  • attend at least one bloggers' meeting
  • make new friends and network (I mean this. The ones I have aren't new enough. I need to expand my circles).
  • stop quitting before getting half way
  • stop being so self-critical
  • do a pedi at least once a week.
  • get COVET a large following
  • start all my assignments at least a week in advance
  • spend more time in the library than on the steps/ in the Jammie shuttle/ laying on the lawn/ swatting pigeons/ exploring the zoology building for taxidermed animals.
  • take the time to watch more classic films.
  • improve my French
  • quit my current job and find a new one.
  • stand up to people more, even if it means being loud and sassy and obnoxious. you can't please them all. better to be hated for your upright rudeness than adored for being false.
  • be more rude.

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