Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rebel with a Porsche

As much as we'd love to call ourselves 'the liberated youth,' we cannot deny our submission to branding and mass media.

From birth to weaning to schooling to further studies, we are exposed to the indulgences of consumer culture and the inviting tempatations of wooing advertisers. Forget free decision/agency/buyer's choice/all that other crap. They've got you hooked and will continue to reel you in.

Perhaps you'd like to rebel against consumption? But then, wouldn't you be denying productivity, and profitability by extension? Would you be willing to go without your cellphone or computer, which connect you with the pocket-guzzling tyrants of media? Would you give up your cute car and ride a bicycle, or freeze your credit card?

It's all about convenience. You don't need to clear your conscience completely of worldy pleasures. Hell, you can have both the satisfaction of believing you're doing the right thing, will still enjoying the instant comforts of a McWorld. Why be a rebel with a cause when you can be a rebel with a Porsche?

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