Monday, April 25, 2011


Lady Gaga, you're pissing off the Catholic Church just like Madonna did in 1989. The question is, who's more powerful? The Mother Monster or the Pope?

Gaga's single JUDAS has been slated by religious groups as 'boring', 'mundane' and 'talentless' idolatry. But what do her little monsters have to say about this pop-culure sacrilege, just in time for Easter?

Her Facebook commentary received mixed reactions. Among a mish-mash of webcam spam, desperate pleas of 'add me i need friends' and 'Gaga you're my idol <##3!,' many followers were disappointed in Gaga's attention-whoring attempt to shock her adoring public with dark imagery.
Quite jump from her previous dance-disco tracks of The Fame Monster.
Firstly, do your homework. Gaga attended a Catholic school for much of her schooling career. The song is not about Judas persay, but refers to the historic figure of the betrayer as a symbol of the men who have deceived her in the past.
Is Gaga selling her soul to the evils of mass media, or is this something a little more sinister?

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