Thursday, June 9, 2011



the approximate number of days it takes to complete a lunar month.
the number of days in February during a leap year.
a song from the Tom Waits album, Blue Valentine.
the number of letters in the Swedish alphabet


the age at which one can join the Armed Forces in the United Kingdom
the minimum age of consent in many jurisdictions
the number of pieces per player in a game of chess.


the number of years in the 'Twenty Year Curse' cycle of US Presidents entering and subsequently dying in office.
a village in Lincolnshire
the 1997 album by Lynard Skynard


the number of members that made up The Fellowship of the Ring
a degree to which one can be dressed, typically glamorously.
a major avenue in Manhattan
the period of human gestation in months.
the number of balls in a game of billiards.

Put all of these numbers together on one LottoPlus ticket and you have a winner! (Of approximately R162.00, that is. Still, I'm that much richer.)

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