Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the fifth week

someday, when i am in love we will stay awake all night, drinking tea in the kitchen.
someday, when i am in love we will foxtrot for the moon.
someday, i'll know that i can love again!
i may have given away too much the first time but no, it is not the end, nor too late. i do not love him anymore, because i need to learn to love again. if ever i do love again it will be a new start, like rain on my skin. my heart will be like water and not like stone.

just for now, in the days where loneliness may be the only principle, i will learn to live. i will travel the world, take up salsa dancing again, carry on with my knitting, have my stuff back and listen to music besides the usual sad and depressing songs that make me think of him.

fifth week: it's rain on my wedding day.

1 comment:

Maximilien alias Gamaliel said...

You realy put a lot of hope in him ,maybe to mush . Everybody change between 1 and 48 years old you shouldn't of staying with someone exept if you trust him 100percent , and the same from his side .

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