Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a holiday until further notice

i did not bother to straighten my hair today before i went to work. work seems a little less familiar now because i'm taking a break so that i can live my life within my maturity level. i ahve thought about being a freelance journalist but what would i write about? and better yet, who would take me seriously?

once upon a time when a girl was broken up with by her boyfriend she moved her mattress to various rooms in her house, determined for a change of scenery. she spent each night trying to sleep, but not without fear of dreaming of him and regretting, and then waking up with her pillows soaked by tears. she refused to leave the comfort of her mattress for weeks and weeks, convinced that her sorrow would endure and that she would never be able to love again. but then one day she threw off her covers, dragged the mattress out of front door and down to the seashore. here, she let the mattress adrift upon the waves, watching as it floated further out to sea.
i wash away the hurt
with the tide there goes my vice
my self-inflicted pain will no longer hold me prisoner
calamity is no longer that mattress
it's a way of healing.

1 comment:

Maximilien alias Gamaliel said...

That song realy poetique . I realy like it even if that mean that you sufer (sorry) . You should right like that more often .

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