Thursday, April 30, 2009

not one sparrow falls to the ground without him knowing it

Last night I finished reading Marley and Me and cried a sufficient number of tears thereafter.
This morning, my bird whom I had for ten years died, his precious life having been extinguished during the night. As I have said before when his brother died, God knows when every sparrow falls, and from now on whenever a small bird falls from his perch, hvaing breathed his last, i will remember that verse. Not that I really read the Bible. My bird's final curtain was not led by musical accompaniment, but oh did he have a beautiful voice! On the lid of his coffin (a 'hallmark' box with tissue inside) I wrote, dear bird, be at peace in a better place with your Creator. Your feathers have never been so radiant. You are in a better place where you will always be free. From all who loved you.

We buried him to rest at the foot of a tree, which blossoms in early spring. In the great circle of life so will this bird's dust become sustenance for the tree beneath which he is laid, and the roots of this magnum opus will entwine with his mortal body. Thus his earthly ashes will once again become one with the ground from which God created him.

Be at peace and may God's grace be with you, sparrow that fell this morning.

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Maximilien alias Gamaliel said...

I don't know what to say ... that's life , those you like always go ... unfortunatly , same for everybody .

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