Monday, March 28, 2011

Aesthetic surgery.

One morning in March, somewhere in the heart of the City, hipsters and yuppies and road hogs and postmen and disgruntled traffic officers woke up yawning and went out to do whatever it is they, well, do. Little did they know that something had changed at the top of Kloof Street that day, something quite small and indistinct, but very much there. Right there on Skyline, the block of flats famous for its advertising potential.You had to look twice as you sipped your vida e caffe latte (skinny), or tickle the brakes of your Mini Cooper ever so slightly as you drove past. Yes,while Cape Town slept (or passed out on a curb somewhere down Castle) Banksy-wannabes came out to slap a big 'fuck you' on capitalism.

Perhaps they had come like cat burglars in the dead of the night, armed with an agenda, stencils and buckets of white paint. Perhaps they had scaled the building unaided, endowed with superhuman powers capable of turning any urban sprawl into a playground.

Images Courtesy: MyCityByNight

Before: I had to blink...twice.

After: The fast food giant's advertisers were not very impressed and quickly censored the offending suffix.

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