Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Juju Effect

               A few anecdotes about our endearing 'Juju,' courtesy of Facebook's public newsfeed.  

"Muammar Gaddafi or Julius Malema . . . .why, pick, tar and feather the pair of them!"

"Julius Malema got kidnapped, these people are requesting R1 billion, else they burning him alive with petrol.. Any donations are welcome, I've already sent 2litres!"

"... Koos was walking through his veld one day when he spots some laaities drinking water from his farm dam.He shouts, "Moenie die foken water drink nie, dis vol foken kak en kolera - julle sal vrek!" The main laaitie says, "I'm Julius Malema, and I refuse to speak your language, you must speak English to me!"Koos replies, "Use boaf hands, Boet, you gets much more waters into your mouf that way."

Courtesy: Hayibo
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