Sunday, June 8, 2008

girl you have no faith in medicine

A certain ms. anna-jane Fray, having had much to say, her cat eyes and untied shoelaces - they say she was formidable. But I keep it all in jars. She’d tumble about in laughter. They were forever telling her to curb her enthusiasm with messages in the form of little white pills to make her well. But she wouldn’t become like the others…it was her own head or none. She told them to go back to where they came from. They were making her nervous. All that she couldn’t keep bottled up inside caused people to walk away shaking their heads. Sit still, they said to her. Wake up raw child.
I am awake. She was alive with the thoughts she would die without…of war, of peace, to shimmy and disrespect politics, [green]peace, what she planned to fight for, her fast-forwarding mind too great for her outnumbered age. TAKE ME SERIOUSLY?

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