Tuesday, July 14, 2009

tuesdays is post day

let's say monday will be your post day and tuesday will be mine.
keeping to my word, i sent a letter off today and have the next one ready! i think i'm writing you too many letters and may have to send more than one this week. i should be more careful.
i am yours. you are mine.

whenever people tell me i am of no consequence, i cannot do it, i will not make it, i am not smart, fast, pretty or popular enough i think of you. i have not always apprecaiated you and i am sorry about that, because you see me when i feel pretty darn inconspicuous.

anyway, the point is I can feel damn lousy at times when things don't go my way. they've been going in an alternative direction for a while, it seems.or perhaps i'm just ungrateful or something, as my parents always say. maybe it's the unattainable fame, the crazed desire, the vanity of people and paralleled lack of self-worth. could also be the nothingness, the terrible pleasures of an incredible heaven.

in the words of garbage, the world is not enough.

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Maximilien alias Gamaliel said...

Monday will be my post day and tuesday yours . But you must know that i moove all the time so if you don't have a letter one week pkease don't get upset . I will right you a letter every week anyway and nobody will stop me doing that , exept you but i already told you how . I am yours that's true !
I love you !

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