Monday, May 31, 2010

disneyland paris

"We didn’t come in and say O.K., we’re going to put a beret and a baguette on Mickey Mouse. We are who we are." - Euro Disney S.C.A. former chairman Robert Fitzpatrick responded.

disneyland paris was one of our last stops and major visits in france.

somehow discontinued my fear of rollercoasters and convinced myself to go on 'space mountain.' waited in the queue for close to 45 minutes, feeling pretty confident that i would hold tight and face this thing. screamed my head off for three full rotations, planets flying at my face, scary futuristic soundtrack blaring in my ears, a photo and subsequent vertigo after the full 2:18minute duration of the ride. but i did it. and that's what counts.

after the thrill of discoveryland we tried some tamer options. 'it's a small world' was cutesy and happy. mad hatter's teacups, peter pan's flight (awesome!) and phantom manor, equally so.

main street USA was having a parade. i got to meet pluto, that yellow dog.

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