Tuesday, May 18, 2010

oh, share the shame.

Imagine reading the contents of your secret diary kept all through highschool to an audience of 300 strangers in Washington DC.

Imagine divulging your adolescent fantasies and fuckups, your incessant agonizing over how to french kiss and the cringe inducing laments about that mortifying first date, where the both of you don't have a clue as to what to do with your hands and arms and raging hormones.

And then what happens when one of your parents finds your secret diary in the depths of your bedroom, where you thought you'd hidden it so foolproofedly? Well, these fess up sessions have become a new trend in London, writes Times.
Screenwriter David Nadelberg started Mortified parties in 2002, after unearthing an 'atrocious, overreaching' love letter he'd written to a girl in high school, but thankfully had never sent.

Instead of giving it to her, he said, he decided to give it to the world.

We all know what a crush feels like. That insect-like creature in your gut, the bubbling anxiety in your throat just itching to come out in a stream of words you'll later regret. Corny music on your stereo that you'd swear was playing just for you. The sweaty palms and hallway glances. Adolescent love letters that seemed perfectly romantic at the time. You thought you were the only one.

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