Saturday, August 21, 2010

people are such cunts.

why are people such cunts? big question. lots of little, tiny answers. maybe people should stop letting their dogs shit in parks and start using a pooper-scooper. maybe librarians and coffee ladies and office clerks and departmental wallies should stop being assholes to people who need to ask a question. ever heard of interpersonal skills? look it up blondie.
also, maybe people should stop acting like herd animals and stop following what that jerkoff with the bright spark idea to climb the plaza flagpole naked and sing the old national anthem did. maybe people should stop littering, or cutting queues, or maybe wrap their own fucking presents for some undeserving brat. maybe people should stop poaching rhinos and elephants for profit. same goes for people who borrow things and never return them. same goes for the underbaked cynics who write for uni newspaper. same goes for whiny bloggers who seem to think everyone cares about their trivial post-high school dramas.
same goes for YOU.
maybe we should all just get a fucking clue.
p.s. just watched fight club. am now angry. knuckles itching to beat someone. toodaloo.

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