Friday, August 6, 2010

riding in buses with boys

Clyde and I caught a bus to Hiddingh Hall today with some particularly loud and prosey drama students.

some things I have noticed today:

-some Jammie drivers take their good sweet time, because, really, they have no place better to be anyway. well, until their shift ends at least.
-others like to take to woolsack with great velocity and attempt to beat their previous time, which makes for a bumpy ride down the mountain.
-when some bodonkered pick-up truck driver attempts to drive THE OPPOSITE WAY down Long Street (which is a one way up) it is okay to yell profanities at the rest of the traffic that have complied to driving in the RIGHT direction.
-i have an obsession with scarves and wearing them correctly.
-there is not enough romance in Cape Town.
-cannabis/weed/cannabis may be purchased in broad daylight.
-you can tell an authentic gucci bag by the initials of the designer on the zipper.
-pigeons on hiddingh campus are a different species to those scavenging rats on upper.
-clyde and i talk a deal of nonsense on the bus.

isn't it funny how there seems to be nothing much to write about unless there's opportunity to procrastinate, in which case the words flow freely and time floats by swiftly. when there's really and honestly nothing else you ought to be getting on with, time seems to move glacially, and there's really not much to say.

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