Monday, September 13, 2010

chain-link learning

learning things.

like how to take criticism with grace.

like how to ignore stupid people and only bother with the good ones.

like how to have a brain and a pretty face.

that sunday is a good day to ride on a harley cruiser.

(that if i ever did my parents would probably kill me).

that i should stop going off on tangents.

like how to avoid being discouraged by people who are themselves discouraged, and how to have courage .

that academic snobbery is not something i should feel intimidated by; rather, to learn from the long-winded gaffawing and incessant bemoaning and tell myself, how sad, and that i shall not be like that.

i like the sound of spring crickets clicketing-clacking like castanets outside my window.

it is nice to know that i can be whoever the fuck i want and nobody can make suggestions otherwise.

good day.

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