Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it was a real smokin' time

the habit of smoking comes in several forms. if you ever feel the urge to light up, take a second to think about why.

The Sneak

i smoke daily but can't seem to kick the habit. i'm a little ashamed of my smoking and tend not to do so in public. my habit consists of a quick sneak out to the balcony or a puff or two on the way to work, but i'm not proud.

The French

i smoke because it is what we've been doing in Europe ever since the beginning of film noir and before.

The Chain

i support a two-pack-a-day habit even though i know that each cigarette reduces my lifespan by 11minutes.

The Effortlessly Cool

i like to think of myself as sophisticated, casually dragging on a vogue menthol in some $2.50per-round avant-garde cafe in the inner city, or perhaps brandishing Malboros at a live music venue where everyone is cool and hip. i smoke to imrpove my image and self-concept

The Rebel

fuck everyone who says smoking kills. i do it because i am mature enough to make my own decisions, even if it is to inhale toxic chemical residue into my young lungs, risking a range of adverse health effects in later life. fuck yeah.

The Social Peruser

i enjoy the leisure of smoking in a group where all of my friends are doing it too. it makes me feel included and accepted in the circle. other than in social situations i don't really smoke at all.

The Skinny

i smoke because i'd rather die of lung cancer than risk getting fat and unphysical like my mother and her mother before her.

The Serial Quitter

i've tried to quit more than 6 times and have tried every method on the market, but the temptation gets me every time and i'm still as addicted as ever.

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