Wednesday, September 1, 2010

yours for keeps

Caption: 1922 at the Whitehouse Easter Egg Roll

you remember, when we were kids and you found that shiny round marble lying discarded on the playground. that glistening celestial find in the comfy lawn, picked up by fair hands and gazed at with blooming curiosity. in all its splendour this token was yours and yours just because you found it. it was your pride. you glanced over your shoulder and called to me.

look what i've found!

i ran to you to look. i looked hard. it was mighty pretty, i'd say. i went and admired it.

but then you smiled at me (mostly smiled) and handed it to me without a flinch.

here. it's yours.

i hesitated a while. it was so shiny. i took it but quietly.

for keeps? i whispered.

you bet, you said.

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