Sunday, October 12, 2008

are you afraid of heights? just tell me everything you feel.

scene 1:

night-time, after eight, drunken laughter from dimly lit downtown saloon

she sees him on a friday outside some run down saloon. he is smoking a cigarette, leaning against wall thinking about someone who had left much too soon.

she said "hey boy, don't you cry tonight, let me take you out on this town. "
she wants to know, 'tell me everything, everything you feel,' and she takes his hand in the dark, in the dark, with all his fears.

scene 2:

up some stairs and they're on a rooftop above the city

she takes him to a rooftop.
"are you afraid of heights?"
the boy replies no i am not, so they dance on the roof, under a sky where only stars can witness this strange serendipity of a meeting. there is no music, but they do not need any. the moon hangs over Soho and she counts some sixteen stars. he points at the brightest one and says, 'now that one's ours.'

scene 3

a rainy Union Square, midnight, after some years have passed.

down in Union Square she sees him walking all alone. Skipping puddles she walks a little slower just so she remains unknown. he meets someone on 17th, and he knows her all too well. she watches as he takes her hand under the midnight clock and then they walk away.

she realizes she wouldnt see her boy after today.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this is such an incredible little story!! so beautiful and yet so sad... how do you come up with these pretty lines??

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