Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the green objective

i think i'll be barefooted. no shoes today.
this is my pledge to environmental consciousness. although i said before that i never gave a damn about the weather, perhaps i should correct myself. i do not give a damn about conversational weather . however, when global warming is mentioned, i start to sweat. we're feeling the heat. this it may just be all our fault. sustainability? just use it all, take it all, exhaust me, exhaust our planet. burn, combust, pick at the earth; clear away ancient forests and drive away the birds. what happened to the responsibility God gave to Adam at the beginning of spiritual time? what happened to the beasts and the birds and the insects, and the names he gave them? the Garden of Eden is a wasteland.

oh carnivorous beings ! devestate the fields, oh! and your machines. Man, your greed is overwhelming the Earth. I'll swear that God is weeping. please, O LORD, weep rain upon these devestated lands. give us something to believe in, because it seems that our faith is lost. noise and disquiet, the rattle and snarl of our factories, fires of industry, computed destruction, plastic ambition...oh i don't believe any of it.

since it's sunny out there (after i drew the curtains to let in the light) i supposed i should do some gardening. the grass seems far too long and overgrown. the spiders have spun webs all winter. the wind has torn through my tousled garden and ravaged its last-spring splendour.

now, let's see.
i'll plant new seedlings and bring the birds back. they'd forgotton my garden,
yes, forgotton the time it was once in bloom.
i believe the birds will return, one day when my garden is again in bloom.

hmm crouching under the shade of my sugarbush, toiling the sleeping soil with my trough, not afraid, not afraid of getting a little dirty. i make friendly conversation with the small ladybirds and Christmas beetles (the ones that fly onto our bathroom window-sill around the festive months - come to think of it, they should be here soon), gently taming the feral places, pulling up the wicked weeds, once choking up the good ones (for want of space and sunlight for the young ones).

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