Sunday, October 12, 2008

the day she lost the fight

sand through her fingers, sand in her hair, seaspray on her face, sunset in the waves.

sunburnt shoulders, white crush, like i was born only yesterday. the sea, the same for tri-million years, yet changing all the time with each new tide and each waxing of the moon.

nothing unusual, nothing strange, just a little older that's all. saw a space ship/fly by your window. did you see it disappear?

holding hands in the surf, taking pictures without him knowing, jumping waves, toasting champagne: cheers to the sunset and all things golden before us. here's to the horizon, and here's to excellent weather, a hot long summer and a tempestuous romance.

you know when you've found it/there's something i've learned/cause you feel it when they take it away

and so out comes the panic light, holding on with fingers and feelings alike/ she wants to be like


and can you still love me when you can't see me anymore?


i am tired of excuses. i am tired of harsh words without time to think. right now, i'd rather be alone and fortunate, not among a crowd of faces without a name, feeling sinister and complicated and avoided. don't try to reason with me. it's me and my own reality, and you won't change it. let me see it how i want, even if i am wrong, or mad, or over the edge.

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