Tuesday, October 14, 2008

never gave a damn about the weather/no it never gave a damn about me

i wonder, have you got it in you?
how well is your mind

no, i never cared much for the weather, or conversations thereof.
this is where my heart and my head are in a headlock.

i thought i knew her better than that, but it seems all she feels nowadays is bitterness and surreptitious anger.
angry-faced, angered heart . this is a restless anger, like something alive in my chest.

no i never gave a damn about the weather, because the weather never gave a damn about me.

turn me off, turn me on. my voice through a harmonizer/just synchronize me with sonic joy.

it just gets me right here, and then i don't quite know what to do. don't bother capitalizing. don't shower me with your prayers. don't try to call my phone, i've given up on late night persuasions. just leave me be and let me be, because it's one of those days. one of those days, and don't push me.

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