Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i'm waiting on your signal

i'd let my guard down for you, nobody but you.

but when will you let me in? when will you lose the chase? i know it's one of those days. but could you just let me come in? i know there are walls, but have you got it in you?

i'll take your hands from your weary eyes and place them on my heart.

maybe you'll let me love you. there's no hurry. don't be afraid, i feel your fears, i feel your despair, though you try to hide. could you be anymore blue? guarded child, hurt child, damaged. i thought i was damaged, though now i see that i only carry my safety vest in hestitancy, in my doubt. but you, oh offended you, broken lover, take cover.

i'm waiting on you. i'll be waiting. just please don't refuse me.

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