Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hello seattle

if you'd just secure me tonight.
you're leading me up hills and mountains and across oceans. the delusion of you is giving me deniable hope. perhaps it is time i let go before i get myself in it too deep. perhaps i'd have you sing me to sleep.

i've been insensible. pride and belief has viced. i'm afraid i've been locked down, unbecoming, tenacious. i read many books but never finish them. i go to bed with savoury thoughts, believing like a child, like a FOOL.

Like a fool, I'm afraid to say. He cannot be your everything, and neither you his. Worlds apart, the both of you. Ocean over, between you. How could you have thought -

I thought.

That's what went wrong. Darling, we all want to believe.

I thought -

I know you did.

I only hoped -

Hope you did. It was not enough.

hello seattle, i am an albatross.

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