Friday, October 23, 2009

'Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass' and other prodigies.

I have spent this morning on wikipedia under the new wave and synthpop genres 'discovering' nouveau and terribly obscure bands, in true hipster fashion. i am not entirely sure if electronic music genres are true examples of 'deck' taste, but, in tribute to hipsterdom what is to be defined? we hipsters define ourselves, because we-are-awesome like that.]

intrestingly i found a fusion style called electroclash (elektroklash) that takes on New Wave and electrifies it. Term was coined by Larry Tee, but the movement is widely said to be headed by a 'DJ Hell from Gigolo Records.' Pioneering 1982 film Liquid Sky also associated with the genre, for aesthetic contribution.

bands that fall under the genre:
chicks on speed
miss kittin and the hacker
felix da housecat
robots in disguise

i often wonder how they come up with these names.

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