Sunday, October 25, 2009

retail is a whole different level of psychology.
sometimes i feel like telling them to wrap their own gifts! especially when i'm working sunday and i'm moody about it.

i like to play music quite loud.
i am a learner driver.
i have a penchant for the eurodisco genre.
i paint my nails with cheap nailpolish which rubs off and looks terrible and i couldn't be bothered to clean it off.
i steal beverage glasses from bars and take them home.
i am self absorbed
i have a temper.
both of these make me a pretty difficult person to get along with
i haven't done anything constructive for about ten months and couple of days.
i seem to get myself into trouble in crowded places, even if i'm just on water.
i hate HATE HATE bouncers.
i spend too much time thinking inwardly.
i detest small talk and people who don't care what your name is anyway or what you're doing with yourself.
i get distracted very easily.
some stuff is so overrated.
i don't know which diretcion in which to exert myself.
i won't ever try and smoke pipe tobacco again.
i have a liking for hipster boys, but i am NOT! a hipster mind you! oh no i am not
i want i want i want EVERYTHING.
i know kung fu ...(not really)
mcdonald's is my second favourite thing at one in the morning. my first is public toilets and drum and bass.
i write and write and write but never show anyone my work.
i write and write more but i never seem to write anything worth reading.
i want a car.
i owe somebody money.
i fight a lot with my parents.
i hate confrontation but at times i'll blow your boat out of the water.
i read children's books.
fabric softener.
i am an idiot.
somebody loves me.
i dislike cold water.
i'm pure euro trash.
ibiza here i come!

i keep myself busy by writing in this undeserving shitty blog and trying to make my own clothes.
i have new and crazy ideas everyday, usually ideas involving starting my own publishing business or something and then i realise i have no ground to stand on and i shrug and think, whatever, maybe later.
you see, i get all keen for something and then i don't finish what i start. that's one of my biggest charcter flaws. i cannot sift information. instead i throw myself into something head and shoulders and all and then i cannot sustain that same level of enthusiasm for much longer. i can't tell you how many books i've started writing and then sent to the recyle bin. it's terrible. i just can't deal with my life's constant information overload. i wish i could just sit down and get something done. right now my thoughts are in pieces. everything i do is in pieces. i need to plan out my life in smooth operation, without interruption. focus focus focus

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heino said...

i read your post and thought of something i read somewhere else, "We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness." tom waits is a genius.

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