Thursday, October 22, 2009

rah rah republic

i am in the midst of a crisis. while surplussed by bands that get more and more obscure by the minute, until they are hardly in relative existence, i am frustrated and at a loss for written words.

of course, i am still surrounded by the advent of hipsterism, with hiptards and black label suiping fools duly out-poseuring themselves from one to the next. a constant competition to achieve the most epic status of coolness.
we don't even use the word cool anymore.
i am more awesome than you.

the nature of it is this: all hipsters hate one another. that's just the fact. it's a tacky show of who can outdo the next, while each and every true hipster in every sense of the word will hotheadedly deny that he or she is indeed a hipster.
i am not a fucking hipster okay? i just like stumbling into the assembly making trendy hand gestures for the we-are-awesome photogs in my two seconds of pictoral soliloquoy, to be shown on the blog the next day. this means that the readers (or those wishing they were YOU, God willing) can revel at your awesomeness and the awesome time you had last night.
Indeed, the hipster has taken over the post-modern world. the hipster shall inherit the earth: may your black label runneth over. and don't dare use a glass. bottle to lips only.
thank you. rant over.

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