Thursday, October 22, 2009

run-off, over kill.

right. i'm actually not done.

can i have a show of hands who thinks they're original?
great, that's the entire floor. some originality we have going on here.
And thus, a new era is born out of the very traditions that grew on us. Those which we vowed to reject in place of our ownership of self.
the invariable hunt for cool has been a generation quest for decades over, manifesting in forms of revival, current and post movements. Subcultures evolved from the previous, each with a new manifesto and philosophy, essentially proclaiming why we’re cooler than the ones before.

i'm so awesome that i can puff three marlboro lights at once whilst simultaneously denying that i am a hipster, as i take a swig of my black label and attempt to dance to some pseudo-obscure electro band at the assembly. ♥ i am awesome.

i am so awesome that i can sniff out a trend from five hipsters down the line. i'm a local creative, a freelancer in some young profession such as skateboard graphic deisgn, social photography or graduate school design. i'm so awesome that my dad chips in for almost everything. besides my elite group of designer friends (who complement me good) my daddy's credit card is my best buddy and my phat phucking trust fund is growing by the year.
i am a biscuit-milling, trend-spotting, dime-chewing fool.

oh i love being a hipster.
(god i fucking hate new york).

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