Tuesday, November 3, 2009

eliza mackenzie

looks like a silent movie star when she applies red lipstick
is equally as striking in black and white
chain-smoker (malboro)
plucks eyebrows religiously. eyebrows are quite thin and unassuming
hair like katharine hepburn, swept back at the crown, tousled in jest but so that she still maintains a certain composure.
she has terrible cuticles
she spends a good deal of time leaning over bars
she has a habit of reading the last page of every book
she is no good for boys
cheekbones with definition
she finds humour in the everyday
she likes old things and old people
she cannot say goodbye
she misspells words on purpose
her eyes are gleeful with soul. she is her own continent.
her mirthful laugh is admired by everyone who hears it
she's a hazard.
she likes to be photographed.
she finds her inspiration under window, with a good view.
her scalp bleeds easily, especially when she has too many thoughts.
she enjoys mustache parties.
her smile is never presumptious. it always makes you want to kiss her and laugh along with her.
she likes to think she's an intellectual
she prefers to take the train
she owns a pair of magic opera glasses that allow her to see things that weren't there before
she writes and enjoys unsweetened black coffee
she has a best friend called hannah

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