Sunday, November 1, 2009

personal finance

good morning and welcome to my weekly report on how not to blow your money on capitalist tempations and retail snubs.

go out for two-for-one pizzas.
get to places early to avoid cover charges and bad-mannered doormen (those loutish brutes).
ask for student discounts.
keep receipts and account for everything you spend. be your own accountant.
stick your salary straight into your bank account on pay day. depositing cash elimates the tempation to spend it if its available.
shop second handedly
open a trust fund
don't always buy lunch.
go out with a gentleman who will buy it for you.
comparison shopping, to ensure you get the best deal.
drink water.
debt is vice. vice is expensive.
jump into a car pool
buy stuff on sale only
borrow books from the library
sleep in the terminal
please call me's
buy a sheep and have it trim your lawn so you don't have to pay a gardener to do it.

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