Sunday, November 1, 2009


that infamous bastard cevron of 8-bit-city may have disappeared off the face of the blogging portal, having allegedly 'out-blogged' himself, but the question of his (or her?) identity still nags at those imsointerestings (you know who you are) until they choke on their skinny vida lattes. cevron's blog earlier this year caused much 'wailing and gnashing of teeth' on cape town's internet-propelled/musically sidelined hipster scene. like many social/art/musical movements in the 20th century this particular scene has resulted in a response ( rather reaction) that comments, exposes and plain takes the piss out of the currently assumed state of coolness, shooting it as 'a state of idiocracy.'

i still take pleasure in reading cevron's anonymous and gratifyingly funny blogs, unshamedly ripping off the likes of we-are-awesome and hipster run-off. sure he's an asshole, but he knows it. i am using 'he' here just as a subject, as cevron (it/he/she) could well be female, and good on her if she is.

cevron has really shook up this pretentious scene while engaging a good deal of attention and publicity. oh the joy of infamy.

in my own words, there will always be a cynic.

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