Friday, November 6, 2009

we will always have paris

it's always sexier when you say it in french, but everything also is 'worse in french'.
art movements and existentials were born in paris cafes. they all smoke filter cigs and make it look good. they can wear anything at all and pull it.
they talk and talk and eat and talk. the men are old and rich and buy fancy things for younger women. they're all talk and promises too. they take you back to their third storey apartments. their wives will know but turn away in blindness.

love in the afternoon - billy wilder
les enfants de paradis - marcel carne
chacun cherche son chat, cédric klapisch
the last time i saw paris -
the valet -
last tango in paris -
private fears in public places (cœurs)-
forget paris -
under the Rooftops of Paris
les triplettes de belleville
funny face

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