Thursday, November 5, 2009

a thief in the night

i've been told to stay away from you. you told me so yourself. i should have listened and just

like a fool, i believed in you. once again, i've been stolen, dismayed, told a lie.

i can't say you didn't warn me. i just chose not to believe that you were no good. on the contrary i saw only what i wanted to see. i thought you were my saviour. i was pretty stupid in thinking that. i could not resist the prospect of my true love finally found.
this is a mistake as human and as old as time. every day i live i see more and more of the treachery of humanity. i become more and more weary.

from now on i shall calculate my steps. from now on you will listen to everything i say, so that nobody gets hurt. just don't move, and i won't pull the trigger.

i am at war.

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