Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Racial Soap Opera.

So. Yeah. Now soap's racist.

According to certain hyper-liberalist critics, Dove's new advertisement suggests the presence of a 'skin-lightening' agent in its most recent product, VisibleCare Body Wash.
Which means Dove is implying whiter skin is more beautiful, more radiant.
Which implies that darker women should aspire to the whiter aesthetic.
Which  encourages ideas of white hegemony.
And so the ever-present racial discussion in this country rears its head once again, and reaches no concrete conclusions.

The positioning of the models in a new print advertisement for Dove body wash is being interpreted by some as bigoted.

Should Dove clean up its act, or should the over-sensitive among us have their trouble-making mouths washed out with the suds of freedom of speech?

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