Sunday, May 29, 2011

radio morale

Radio may be a dying medium, but it certainly keeps thousands of half-awake listeners alive in peak traffic every morning.

Take the Gareth Cliff Show, for example. No matter how early/dark/cold/uninspiring it is at six a.m. on Monday morning, this lovable airwave menace manages without fail to make some kind of sick joke about Julius Malema or the housing crisis. What could be better on a miserable Mondaythan a bit of edgy humour and a few studio sound effects, accompanied by a dialogue of commentary from the peanut gallery in the background?

I'm sure if studies were conducted we'd find that radio increases public morale and work ethic, and helps to lessen the number of suicides committed on a Monday. Or any day of the week, in fact. Somehow, the radio makes mundane things like traffic reports, breaking news and politics seem like a breeze.

It's Monday, people. Four days to go until the weekend, because we don't include Friday as a full working day. You're probably gonna call in sick by then anyway. Have a fabulous day! Now for some commercial music....

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