Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mandela Would Cringe - A Typical Election Day

Judging from the jubilation resounding from across the valley here in the municipal ward of Hout Bay, the ANC might just have had a victory in the last sixty minutes or so.

I was apathetic today. Being unregistered and sort of lazy I did not cast my ballot. Yes, my X will have to wait til next year. Sorry, X.

There were 'minor glitches' in this year's poll, including a ditch dug through a tar road blocking access to voting stations, two deaths in the Western Cape, protests in Mitchell's Plain over evictions, mass SMS campaigns, advice from Julius Malema, ballot boxes being hidden in dorm rooms and cars, insufficient ballot cards, burning of tires in KwaZulu-Natal and general apathy throughout the country.

Other than that, all went well - as well as it could in Africa.

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