Sunday, March 14, 2010


yeah, you!
i'm talkin' to you. there, with the hat. don't look away.
i'm talkin' up that fallacy
hey, you. don't look away and pretend you and your hat
are too cool for me.

you me and everyone we know.
they're in one room
smoke room.
in stairwells, gathered
in vice-like grips, smothered.

all they want is a puff of fame
they're clawing at each other frenzied
furious for just a shot
shot to the top

you, i'm watching. i am watching you.
you're friday and saturday
you're the early hours
you're the whisky on the rocks

buy me a reputation
buy me at the bar
i'm a liar, i'm a fuck-up, i'm a trend
i'm your inhale, your exhale
your split-second exposure
but you ain't ever be my friend.

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