Thursday, March 11, 2010

human behaviour

considered new title of my collected works: 'human behaviour'

rolling of cigarettes is cheaper than buying from the store.
you can shave all your hair off and you'll be supporting the fight against cancer.
you can be a hotshot politician and talk the biggest load of bullshit, and still get the vote.
(also, prepare to wade through hate mail, sadistic cartoons by anonymous satirists, matchbox photos, angry white revenge and letters from the communist party telling you you're a douchebag).
spotting red-heads at university is like sifting through pebbles for diamonds.
i broke a plate and wished i was greek.
evangelists come onto campus and try to convert lost souls to find the way, the truth and life.
affirmative action is a one-sided policy that benefits only a small minority of black elites and promotes a culture of mediocrity.

did you know that?

it's not rape if she has breakfast and asks for taxi fare the next morning. (condoms not necessary).
imagine being a bergie and getting hit by the red sight-seeing bus more times than can be counted in the past seven years.
imagine a facebook group being made about a bergie.
if reversing out of your driveway sounds like you're speeding kak fast down the freeway at 200, you might be coloured.
people in the western cape engage with the coloniser.
helen zille is madam who is plastic and an apartheid spy.

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