Sunday, March 21, 2010



a term in Inuit mythology that suggests a soul existing in all living beings: lakes, mountains, plants, animals and humans, sometimes personified.

produced by the baba yaga theatre, netherlands, Inua is a fifty-five minute incarnation of shape-shifting, form-removing visual transformation.
this one woman performance is a surreal synthesis of landscape and mythology, tension between chaos and structure, tragedy and comedy, madness and reason. in life we have inua, the essence of all things. the young woman, in her journey to embody this timeless spirit of Nature, contorts her body with insect-like movements, executing physical feats beyond her humanity.

was left feeling a little dumbstruck. a little stupid, because i was not sure i understood all of it. what was the emptying of the sand? what language was she speaking? was it even a language at all, aside from the wretched calls of an animal?

this really was 'out of the box.'
left me feeling like i was the box myself...

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